Harker Meadow Handcrafted Books

     Harker Meadow Handcrafted Books discovered it's beginnings as a means to an ends and was founded in January 2012 by Indie Author Ryan Matthew Harker as way for him to publish his own books. An alternative to traditional publishing Harker Meadow Handcrafted Books is dedicated to hand building uniquely crafted paperbacks for the struggling Independent Author.

     Specializing in short run orders of 25-200 books perfect for local promotion and distribution every paperback is hand built by Mr. Harker from his little printshop in his hometown of Yale, Washington.

     Just spreading it's roots Harker Meadow Handcrafted Books hopes to find support in the Indie world by offering it's services to Independent Authors who have become dissatisfied by their experiences trying to find publishing outlets through traditional methods.

     If you are an Indie Author looking to publish your work in an effort to rise above the restrictions you've found imposed upon you by traditional publishing options, then you've found a home here at Harker Meadow Handcrafted Books!



      A proud citizen of the United States of America, nevertheless, Ryan Matthew Harker is a high school dropout who has challenged the system at every turn. Feeling his teachers were unable to teach to his potential he quickly became disillusioned with the slipshod manner in which public educators are allowed only to teach children in a fashion that caters to the masses- instead of the needs of the individual- and left school to seek his education in the world. Having hitchhiked across much of America and some of Baja, Mexico he learned the best teacher is a combination of reading and life experience.

     But a few of the trades he has mastered, as a 'Jack of All Trades', since age 17 Ryan has taken employment from everything as a convenience store clerk to a lumber delivery driver, a HVAC installation tech to a custom home builder. Though now residing in the state of Washington he also splits his residency in Colorado where he spends much of his time with his daughter Sativa.

     Though always willing to build houses, currently Ryan spends his time writing. Author of The Werewolf Chronicles series (The Quantum Prophecy, In Harmony We Trust, The Werewolf King) Ryan has used Harker Meadow Handcrafted Books to publish The Quantum Prophecy and Crypto and Co's Season 1:The Fans Have Spoken.


Ryan Matthew Harker and his work can be found on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and BookRix.







Contact Ryan Matthew Harker and Harker Meadow

By Email- hippiesucceeds@yahoo.com

Phone- (360)261-8034