Everything Comes Easily and Without Effort!

     For many years I sat and wrote my books.

     Dealing with the neverending chaos of a life lived by a man with no clear dream or direction I found myself working manual labor and construction with no real goals other than to make it 'til Friday. I knew I would one day like to have my work published but never took the time to focus on making the commitment required to do so.

     For many years I wandered down the side roads, broad avenues, and desolate stretches of American highway searching for the key I needed to start the engine of my success, not understanding I had the key within myself the whole time.

     You see I had locked this key deep inside my mind, burying it with work, friends, drugs and alcohol, horribly blind to the fact I was slowly but surely burying the key to, not only my success, but my happiness as well. I was always well aware of something outside of myself though; something so immense that, although not beyond my awareness, it was beyond my comprehension.

     This presence has been referred to by many names throughout history, god, godhead, the universe, unified field, to name but a few. But, whatever the many diverse denizens of this little blue and green planet we all live on call it, nonetheless it was this presence that was my constant companion, my guide through life's many obstacles, trials, tribulations, and celebrations; my muse.

     For many years this ancient force, which resides within us all, had lovingly charted my path and guided my feet towards a goal I was barely aware was mine. With subtle prompting, whispered teachings, and affirmations of faith and patience, though all seemed hopeless, it finally led me to the excavation of my key. After years of piling on tones of debris, I was able to shovel it all aside with one realization.

     Everything Comes Easily and Without Effort.

     This is my key! All I have to do is believe, believe and have the faith that because I want it bad enough, because I'm willing to set everything else aside, my fear, my doubt, my worries of worth and adequacy, everything; that I can and will make my dreams come true!

     Everything comes easily and without effort.

     Of course there's more to it than that. As I set down the negativity that was holding me back I had to pick up new tools, the more positive implements of faith, patience, focus, perseverance and clarity. I had to compose myself carefully that I might better be able to fully visualize this new future that all of a sudden seemed not only just possible but certain as well. I had to open my eyes and ears so that when possibility and opportunity came calling I was able to see and hear them, follow their loving suggestions on to a better existence instead of calling back, "Go away, I do not want any!" I had to accept, not only the gifts of these tools, but also the gift of the ability to use them wisely in the realization of this, My American Dream.

     For many years I struggled to make my dreams come true but now, thanks to the knowledge that life is abundant in all aspects of existence, I struggle no more.

     For many more years I wish to help alleviate the struggles of others, to bring them the abundance that is brought to me every day so that we may all live a life of happiness together. Let us work together, through Harker Meadow Handcrafted Books, and make all of our dreams come true!

     Everything Comes Easily and Without Effort.

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    George (Saturday, 03 March 2012 13:52)

    Ryan I'm proud of what your doing and what you have become. I've always been here for you and you will alway's have my support. Your brother G.

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    Socialmoo Bookmarking (Friday, 05 October 2012 03:25)

    I conceive feeling to have the accumulation that you are card.